BASSET Training FAQs

Find answers to Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) for online BASSET training courses. Troubleshoot issues, recover passwords, re-print certificate and more. We look forward to helping you.

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Question My employer says I need to take the ServSafe course. Do you offer this?

​Your employer might ask you to take the ServSafe, or other BASSET course. Those names are simply - BASSET training course brand names.

Our Learn2Serve Courses are the same as the other brand names and are accepted nationally.

Our BASSET course and exam is accepted by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission​


Question How long is the BASSET Certification valid?

According to Illinois law - Public Act 99-0046 (PDF) - alcohol servers (and those checking ID's for alcohol service) in Illinois on-premise establishments must renew and complete a Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Server Education and Training (BASSET) class every 3 years.


Question I lost my BASSET card, how do I get a replacement card?

Call the ILCC BASSET program at 312-814-0773 and have proof of identification to verify certification through a licensed BASSET provider. The cost of a replacement card is $15; however, those trained by a BASSET-approved provider since May 2015 can print their own card via the BASSET Card Lookup web feature .


Question Will I get a printable certificate upon completion?

Yes, a temporary printable certificate is immediately available upon completion of all courses provided.

The licensed BASSET provider is required to issue a temporary certificate of completion upon passage of the examination. Licensed BASSET providers must send a roster to the ILCC to grant state-issued BASSET cards to participants. It is prerogative of the licensed BASSET provider, participant, or employer to request where they want their state-issued BASSET card sent. 

Please login to your account using the username and password that you originally used to take the course. If you forgot your username and password, please call 1-877-881-2235 to have one of our service representatives look it up for you. Then choose “resume course in progress” and it will forward you to the end of the course. You will have an option to print your certificate here.​


Question Do I have to complete the 4 hour BASSET Course in one sitting?

There is no time limit on the BASSET training - 4 hour course. Take it at your leisure and pause and continue with boomarking from where you left off.


Question Why is online training better than on-site training?

Two words: convenience and self-paced. Many workers are so busy or live in areas where classroom sessions are not practical. Online offers much greater convenience. The self-paced nature of online allows each student to spend more time on the topics they are not familiar with and move more quickly through those that they are. In a classroom, everyone marches through the same topics for the same amount of time. And yes - the online course is equivalent to an on-site classroom course.